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Bubby and Sole has been making leather baby shoes for more then 35 years. Each pair is handcrafted with love and care in Australia.

100% Leather: Every pair of Bubby & Sole baby shoes are made from 100% high quality leather. Each and every skin of leather is hand-picked after being thoroughly checked for consistent quality, colour and texture. Leather is a natural product which acts as a second skin, protecting soft, young skin from harsh surfaces. Being breathable and non-restricting, Bubby & Sole baby shoes can be comfortably worn in summer, keeping feet cool, whilst in winter they can be worn over socks because the flexible, elastic band allows enough room without restricting ankle movement. Durable by nature, your child will love them for comfort and will probably outgrow every pair of Bubby & Sole leather baby shoes.

100% Quality: You can expect your Bubby & Sole baby shoes to be of the absolute highest quality. Each pair has been handmade by the best and most professional craftswoman who is now in her 26th year of creating leather baby shoes and we promise you won’t find another pair that are more perfect, more unique and made with more love than these.

Soft Soled: Most childhood foot problems are due to poor footwear, whether it be incorrect sizing, unsuitable material or a hard, invasive shoe which doesn’t allow for free, strength developing movement. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could let our children safely run free allowing their feet to develop perfectly. Well, it’s possible. Soft-soled shoes are non-invasive, allowing for the full range of movement for developing feet, creating stronger, healthier feet while protecting against harsh and dangerous surfaces

Clever Design: Bubby and Sole baby shoes are easy for you to put on but hard for baby to pull off. The elasticized ankle will pull over the entire foot with ease and fit snugly around the ankle without creating restriction or irritation. If by chance the ankle band seems too wide, you can easily tie a knot in the elastic and thread it back through the leather band until it is out of sight.

 Easy to clean: Bubby & Sole baby shoes can be cleaned by hand washing with a mild laundry detergent or in the washing machine on a cold or warm wash cycle. Wash separately as colours may run. DO NOT put them in the dryer – air dry them naturally.